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Baked by Lace

Baked by Lace

If there is one thing that can be infinitely fascinating, it’s finding someone so passionate about baking they’re writing formulas, punching numbers into calculators to get that perfect proportion of ingredients, using premium ingredients, never compromising on quality, and meticulous with every detail.

Well I’m glad to have met Lace.

She’s like me, except only the cupcake equivalent to my bread, but also much more popular (cupcakes > bread) and successful with her batches of inconceivably moist and delicately-crumbed cupcakes.

I won’t be frosting and selling my bread by the boxes anytime soon. Wholemeal Sourdough? Dark Rye Bread? Pssh. Who’d buy that?!

But Lace! Lace has got all manners of maddeningly adorable confectioneries. Salted Caramel! Cookies n Cream (my all-time favourite)! Peanut Butter Chocolate! Classic Vanilla Bean! And then she’s got Nutella under her belt! And Dark Chocolate Sea Salt! Red Velvet! Black Forest! Chocolate Bailey’s! Mocha!

She’s been toying with bread too, and while we’ve launched into lengthy discussions over hydration percentages and pre-ferments, I get the feeling she’ll one-up me with a brioche recipe soon and once again, I’ll be stupefied. I shan’t bother competing.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

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