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Roasted Bell Peppers and Bacon Risotto

Roasted Bell Peppers and Bacon Risotto

I have never had authentic Italian risotto. 

There, I’ve gone and said it. 

I have this staunch principle, where I will not  – even at gunpoint – recreate something that I’ve never tasted before, because I have no idea what the standard or benchmark is, so I’ll never know if what I’ve concocted is authentic, bona fide, genuinely true to the dish’s traditional taste and texture. Like how I’ve sworn not to bake macarons till I’ve had one. And I have. But I still won’t make those little baking devils because I’ve never had one made from Pierre Herme’s shop in Paris because those are the macarons to have in one’s lifetime. 

I don’t feel qualified somehow, as though I’m some deluded housewife (which I am not and will never be, so call me one and I will end you) desperate to experience some form of life outside of the four walls of the home she’s bound to, even if that means cooking up some pseudo curry from a recipe that the neighbour’s German wife swears by just for a flickering glimpse of what India is like beyond her seat beside the baby’s rocking cradle. 

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My mom pwns

Mom's Japanese -style Fried Rice.

Still grappling with the massive aftermath of Chinese New Year gluttony, I sat down for a proper Sunday lunch today at proper lunch time, the past few days having been numbed by the food coma amidst stale bak gua and pineapple tarts that the office has to offer. I barely have appetite for much of anything – and, for those who know me, that is saying a lot.

My stomach had the perfect running start for the CNY season the moment the weekend taxied down the run way, and so the CNY period took off with a fine steamboat of marbled slices of shabu shabu beef, fresh pond prawns, Japanese firm tofu, rice noodles, New Zealand green mussels, juicy oysters and Chinese cabbage.

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