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D’Pastry Durian Puff

Durian Puff (6 for $3.50)

If there was anyone to blame for this, it’s not me.

It’s all my driving instructor’s fault.

I wouldn’t have seen D’Pastry if he hadn’t chosen that particular stretch of road along Ubi Avenue 2 to make me do a U-turn at. And of all the U-turns in Singapore, he had to choose this one which allows for U-turns only every two minutes or so and where cars crawl along at a snail’s pace. So if you expect me to keep my eyes only on the bumper of the car in front of me for the whole ten minutes of waiting to U-turn, you’re car-honking nuts.

Somehow, from my tiny seat in the car and while trying not to doze off at the wheel, I managed to make out that they sold ‘Durian Puffs’.

If only you saw the way I jolted upright in my seat, ready to abandon the vehicle and dash across the road. For the rest of the drive, I was chewing on my lower lip, jittery and anxious to the extent that I was surprised I didn’t start convulsing behind the wheel from the mere thought of durian. Read more of this post