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Fosters – High Tea


If there’s anything the past 8 months or so of my life has taught me, it’s that Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are non-obligatory meals. It’s true! I have my own theory why those are the main meals of the day, the ones that people focus on, the ones that dieticians reiterate must be taken at regular timings for a healthy system: Most people get hungry every 3-4 hours.

But then there are those that do every couple of hours or so – or are just eating every couple of hours, hungry or not – and if creating a few additional fancy-named mealtimes is the solution, then so be it.

And so you have Brunch, High Tea, Low Tea (not joking), Supper, Elevenses, and Second Breakfasts…

In essence, they just all mean one thing: I eat whenever I want.

That whole ‘eat 4-5 small meals a day’ advice? Psh! People have been doing it for centuries! About time we realised it’s good for our digestive health.

Devonshire Cream Tea Set ($10.50)

So I had Tea at Fosters the other day. I’m not going to bother differentiating High Teas and Low Teas because that’s just tedious. If I’m having a pot of Ceylon, buttery warm scones with jam and cream, regardless of the time of the day, I’m calling it Tea.

But of course Fosters begin their Devonshire Cream Tea Set from 3-6pm, so an exercise of patience was in order.

I’m not entirely sure how the English have their proper teas, but I suppose Fosters would be the closest with its Old English charm, high-backed armchairs, whimsical candelabras and the lone suit of armour in a corner. Nevermind that you have a backdrop of lush tropical vines and creepers out front, because the lazy sunlight filtering through the slated rooftop crafts that perfect teatime haze to go with your mid-afternoon lull.

Fosters on a lazy weekday afternoon.
The Devonshire Cream Tea Set almost makes me want to forgo the trouble in making scones. Almost. Not that it is troublesome at all (it’s not, trust me). Each set comes with two scones, a fruit cake, and a sandwich, although you may swop any for one of something else. Whatever you do, do not swop out the scones. I mean, you’d be mental to do that. What you want to do however, is change that lousy sandwich to another scone. That’s not bread, that’s gummy, tasteless dough. Thinking of it frightens me. But hey! One more scone for you!
We were at Fosters, first and foremost, for the scones. We’d debated endlessly, compared and researched several weekday high tea places, crossed out a couple of Hotel High Teas before finally settling on Fosters. And although gluttony does rear its ugly head when you think about pretty three-tiered dessert stands stacked with cakes and sandwiches and all sorts of sweets, this humble set at Fosters is more than enough to knock you out into Lala Land with a satisfying weight in your tummy.
A smear of strawberry jam here and a dollop of cream there..
And so were the scones good?
You bet your tea with a spot of milk they were.
Warm and crusty on the outside, studded with raisins and crumbly on the inside. Its fragrant butterry aroma permeated the entire dining area. The brown flecks in the pastry are evident of some percentage of whole wheat flour, which I’m thoroughly agreeable to since whole grained flours give a much more nutty, complex flavour to anything. Think of the crust’s texture to that of English biscuits (the thick, crumbly, crunchy kind). But if you’re searching for that elusive fluffy and moist buttermilk scone, then this isn’t it. That sort? You have to make ’em at home, piping hot from the oven. But more on that in a bit.
The fruitcake was pleasant, just a warm, good butter cake speckled with candied fruits. Thankfully, it’s not your rum-my alcoholic dense Christmas kind.
You don’t get Simple and Good very often anymore. So if you’re hankering for a cosy place, a fantastically reasonable High Tea platter and a pot of tea, Fosters is the way to go. I’ll be back with a good book in hand.
Fosters – An Old English Rose Cafe

Tel: +65 6466 8939

Opening Hours
Sun–Thurs: 11am–11pm
Fri–Sat: 11–1am
High Tea: 3-6pm

5 responses to “Fosters – High Tea

  1. stargirl May 18, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    shall check out fosters’ high tea sometime! it looks like a nice but affordable place to chill (:

  2. alkanphel May 20, 2011 at 8:06 am

    I ate here once 10 years ago, and found their steak to be overpriced. I wonder if the prices are much better now?

  3. aruquita June 30, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Foster’s is definitely a hidden gem in HV. I love their all-day happy hour deal: $15 for two drinks. I wish they extended the hours for high-tea though. I never make it on time. Great posts by the way. Love your writing!

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