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Dino Cakehouse & Cafe – Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight ($8.50)

Mommy bought home my favourite strawberry cake!

Well she bought home a whole load of stuff, as is the norm when she goes off to NTUC and sprees away, claiming that when I do grocery shopping, I ‘never buy all [her] things!’. But that’s not the point. The point is that the occasional cake, tutu kueh, tau huay (beancurd), min jiang kueh (peanut pancake), sometimes find themselves into one of the 3 large recyclable shopping bags mommy always brings out. And after an entire week of consuming food purely for sustenance because there’s no time to venture out for better things, my favourite Dino’s Strawberry Cake is like a beaming ray of light in my fridge.

Half a beaming ray of light, that is.

The other half’s shimmering away gleefully in my tummy. 


Dino has been around ever since I was a little tyrant. They’ve had steady and reliable business from their loyal regulars who favour their very affordable laksa, pastas and signature cakes and pastries.

I just like their cakes. They remind me of ye good ol’ days of mischief.

I bought their 1kg Royal Chocolate cake ($32) for a mass birthday celebration of a number of people the other time, and everyone loved it, well, except for those who are eternally devoted to Awfully Chocolate. But I’ll stand by my opinion that Awfully Chocolate just isn’t awfully chocolate-y enough. The Royal Chocolate has soft, springy layers of chocolate sponge cake, separated and coated by layers of smooth chocolate fudge, so if you’re one for light cakes that are easy on the feast-weary stomach, Dino’s wins hands down.

Another favourite of mine is the Prune Cheese Cake, which I haven’t had in far too long. It’s different. It’s sweet, tangy, fluffy, and has so much going on at once.

Now I’ve seen and tasted the Strawberry Delight transform with the years. It didn’t catch any of my attention a decade ago (gawd doesn’t that just sound more horrid than ’10 years’?), and that could have been because they now use a fantastic raspberry jam between the layers. That wasn’t a typo or a silly mistake by the way, I know raspberry when I taste raspberry, even if they’re selling the cake as Strawberry. Oh details, details. I absolutely adore this cake for its light, delicate texture and palatable flavour. That raspberry is quite something I tell you. Love it.

Dino has two outlets, one at Upper Thomson along the same stretch of shops as Ritz Apple Strudel and Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant, and one at Sembawang Shopping Centre. They do sell their cakes in a little store in Thomson Plaza though. You can get them in slices, a log (like the one mommy got =) ), half a kg or 1kg.

So yes, just a little gem to share with you all, just in case you’re in the area and the food choices along Upper Thomson are so staggering that you need a cake – or something.

But psh! Who needs a reason for cake!

Dino Cake House & Cafe

257 Upper Thomson Road

Singapore 574384

Tel: 65525088

Open: Daily from 9am-9pm

Thomson Plaza

301 Upper Thomson Road


Singapore 574408

Tel: 65531751

Open: Daily from 10am-930pm

Sembawang Shopping Centre

604 Sembawang Road


Singapore 758459

Tel: 67523110

Open: Daily from 10am-10pm

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