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Striking the caloric balance. Barely.

Diandin Leluk

Mango Salad ($6.00)

Take me back a year or two ago and at the mention of ‘Thai food’, I’d just think ‘Thai Express’, ‘spicy’ and…well, ‘SPICY”.

Fortunately for me, time has done away with my sorry ignorance of cuisines and I now associate Thai food with Golden Mile Complex. Of course I’ve heard plenty of people making offhanded comments about how overrated and overhyped it is, that there are many more authentic Thai places scattered all over the island, and that I shouldn’t just keep going back to Golden Mile Complex because it’s boring! Well, its novelty for me hasn’t worn off yet.

But that’s probably also because I’m a masochist.

I can’t explain it, but there’s something extremely gratifying about sniveling and spilling copious amounts of tears and mucous, clawing at my dining partners in pain for help (who also begin clawing at me as their tongues go numb and are reduced to a blabbering mess) as I consume awesome, spicy, Thai food, like a Mango Salad.

And then having it practically tear through my system and blaze out of my behind the next day.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 

Pad Krapow ($4.00)

I’m one of those unfortunate people who love spicy food but cannot – for the life of me – stomach it, which is a problem, especially when I need certain foods to be spicy. Things like Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, Fried Rice, Carrot Cake and such. It just isn’t the same if it doesn’t burn.

It’s pleasureable at the start, a fantastic tingling that tickles all the way to my stomach. And then it starts kicking and clinging and refuses to be washed down no matter how much liquid I drink. That’s where my meal stops abruptly, because I’ll be turgid and bloated with water, on top of being an embarrassing sniffling mess.

I’ll never learn my lesson. But what I have learnt, however, is to at least have a jug of water within reach.

Nothing’s stopping the spicy.

The Pad Krapow taught me this.

Wok-fried minced pork with Thai basil. It’s absolutely fantastic, I think about it all the time. You’ll see the whispers of steam rising from the glistening dollop of minced meat and you won’t stop shoving it down your throat with fluffy white rice… until you bite into a chili padi. Good luck with that. You can adjust the amount of spicy-ness by informing the waiters, but don’t count on them to dial it down that much. Remember that jug of water? That would be a good time to use it.

Fried Seafood Kway Teow ($5.00)

This was probably the only non-spicy dish we ordered, but don’t trust me. By the time I got around to trying the Fried Seafood Kway Teow out, everything pretty much tasted spicy to me. The serving was a little small for something so fragrant and chewy. This version of fried kway teow isn’t drenched in starchy sauce but is no less flavourful. Loved the texture. Excellent wok hei as well.

Clear Tom Yam Soup ($10.00)

This is where all the tom yam instant noodles, tom yam flavoured soup bases, tom yam flavoured seaweed crisps are put to complete shame.

I’m torn between promoting the Clear Tom Yam Soup and warning you heavily against it.

See, I have never tasted something so potent and tangy and sweet and salty and piquant and spicyspicyspicy altogether at once. We did request that it be less spicy, and I suppose it was, but that didn’t make a difference to me anymore. Whatever it was, this is the very essence of tom yam, the epitome of Thai flavours. It’s got so much going on, the lemongrass, onions, kaffir lime, ginger, chili, lime, seafood, tomato (and everything else that was swimming in the pot) that all you can do is to let the first spoonful coat your tongue in a complexity of flavours, and finish it up before the chili kicks in. But of course if you’re one of those Chili Gurus then please, do take your time to savor this. It’s a soup like no other.

I’m not having any artificial tom yam flavoured anything again.

Deep Fried Prawn Cake ($10.00)

A little pricey, but delicious nonetheless. Lovely chunky prawns, deep-fried till a gorgeous golden-brown with Thai sweet chili on the side. You know what? Ignore the price, just order it. It’s delicious. And without the Thai sweet chili, this is a welcome reprieve for your swollen tongue.

Green Curry Chicken ($10.00)

Another winner. And though the chunks of chicken weren’t very generous (too much skin as well), the curry is perfect with that extra bowl of rice you ordered. Speaking of rice, Diandin Leluk’s plain white rice has a delightful chewy texture to it.

Like it very much I do.

Iced Milk Tea ($1.50)

Their Iced Milk Tea is an interesting change to all the bubble milk teas I’ve been having (and chances are, you too, judging from the island-wide bubble tea explosion. Again). A couple of the girlfriends thought they’d delivered a wrong order of carrot juices to our table. Why it is such a vibrant hue of orange, I’ll never know. It’s sweeter than your usual teh ping (think 100% Koi sweetness level), but a good proportion of milk to tea, a.k.a just-what-my-throat-needed.

Mango Sticky Rice ($6.00)

The Mango Sticky Rice honestly put a strain on our stomach seams. It was nothing spectacular. Glutinous rice, coconut milk and mango. You might want to save whatever space you have left for the desserts selling in some of the stalls within Golden Mile Complex.

I was glad we had our little gathering at Diandin Leluk. You get the same feeling as you would dining at a Tze Char place. You know, comfortable and relaxed. They have large communal round tables, similar to those you’d see in Chinese restaurants, great for a dressed-down gathering with awesome food to boot. Service is minimal. We grabbed our menus on our own, but as long as they bring the food I’m not complaining.

There are other Thai restaurants and smaller stalls offering Thai dishes within the building, and I really should give those a try sometime. It’s just that my visits to Diandin Leluk have had far more hits than misses for me to want to venture out.

Like pain and good food? (Doesn’t that just sound like the perfect combination…)

You’ll get it here.

Your backside will get quite the spanking.

Diandin Leluk


5001 Beach Road


Golden Mile Complex


Tel: +65 6293 5101

Opening Hours
Daily: 4pm – 11pm

2 responses to “Diandin Leluk

  1. rachael December 6, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    looks gooood ! i L O V E thai food. but you didn’t have phad thai ! i would like to know haha.

    i get my fix near the office at wang thai. go try one day !

    • Christine Leow December 6, 2010 at 8:17 pm

      Well I try to have other things other than Phad Thai and Pineapple rice. I mean those are common and nice and well but the other dishes look great as well. Haha. Gosh now I want to head to Thailand to have truly authentic Thai cuisine! Aye, thanks for dropping by! Haha.

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