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Striking the caloric balance. Barely.



I do plenty of silly things now and then, and lately, I’ve run out of excuses for the mindless things I’ve done.  It’s like there’s some missing link between my thought processes that my brain just skips without realising.

I have no excuse for dining at an egg-inspired all-breakfast place and not ordering anything to do with eggs.

Really. Don’t bother waiting for my explanation because I have none.

I wasn’t thinking. (Haven’t been doing that for a while, and…wait, is that considered an excuse? Shrugs.)

So I returned to Hatched to redeem myself.


I made my second trip down sometime around the Halloween weekend, as to exactly when, I can’t remember (surprise!). I’ve been forgetting plenty of things lately. I must’ve dropped a couple hundred of my brain cells somewhere between the pages of my texts.


Adorable, hot pink, furry spiders hanging above dining customers! I think I squealed when I saw it. There was a giant orange one too, a couple of seats away, but that just wasn’t as exciting.

There’s a Julia Gabriel language center just beside Hatched, so do expect families with giggling and gurgling children to be part of your meal-time atmosphere. It’s homey. I love it. And there’s something warm about wooden furniture and the location of Hatched in Evans Lodge. I think it’s the ‘lodge’. Makes me think of eggnog and logcakes for some reason, or maybe it’s just because we’re already nearing Christmas and the end of the year and ohgoshwhathaveIdonewithmylifethispastfewmonths.

Sir Benedict ($16.00 for 2)

Hatched’s menu is a mind-boggling array of egg dishes of all sorts. Well of course they have non-egg ones like waffles, pancakes, sandwiches and the likes, but really, stick to the eggs for now. It’s like going to Gong Cha to buy coffee, or Saladstop! for banana cake, or Canele for a cheeseburger. Don’t. I still laugh mirthlessly at myself just thinking about the egg-free French Onion Sandwich I had – more on that below because, unfortunately, it doesn’t deserve much attention.

Not that the Sir Benedict does either, actually. I could have done without tangy, vinegar-ed water oozing out alongside yolk, and though it looked pretty, everything just tasted flat and listless. It makes the waffles that adorable caucasian kiddo’s eating look reaaal attractive. Sorry, but Cafe Hacienda’s set the bar way up high for eggs benedict.

Burly Ben ($10.00 for 1)

Corned beef isn’t something I’m familiar with, still, the Burly Ben wasn’t spectacular, a foggy memory of crumbled meat atop too-soft muffins. It was alright.

French Onion Sandwich ($14.00)

Say hello to what I had during my first trip to Hatched. Why Christine, why?! I’m a sucker for caramelised onions, beef and a good ol’ crusty sandwich. And hey there’s cheese! Except it wasn’t melty and drippy, and the bread was dismally soft, and the steak was an odd shade of pinkish-grey and tasted gummy.

Eggs, people, stick with the eggs. Or do me a favour and order the stack of pancakes you’ll see the squealing children having, because dayum don’t they look absolutely thick and fluffy. Let me know how that goes.

Papillote ($12.00)

The papillote was, perhaps, the best tasting of whatever I’ve had the opportunity to have, mainly because smoked salmon is…well…smoked salmon, and wrap some scrambled eggs up in a slice of that, slide it onto a lovely toasted slice of bread topped with cream cheese with sautéed mushrooms on the side and you have breakfast. Ignore the sad-looking grilled tomato. I never understand how they could look appetising. I mean, it’s a sliced tomato half, blackened and charred on the side. There goes them anti-oxidants.

Now, one major perk of dining at Hatched is that, besides its cozy feel and gaggle of kids with bouncy, auburn/blonde/brunette head of curls running about and dropping their shaky-shaky-squeaky toys at your feet for you to pick up and return with a goofy grin, it has no GST and no service charge. And to top it all off, 10% off the total bill if you’re an NUS student. Even better if your campus is the one at Bukit Timah! Can’t imagine just tripping across the road for an amazingly affordable meal.

I’ll have to say that the service was fantastic for a place with no service charge. Do tip them. I think we should encourage a tipping culture in Singapore, because service staff are under-appreciated more than half the time for the customers they face every day.

Do make reservations if you’re heading down during the weekend. Hatched is always packed and bustling and has decent food. They’ve got a cute concept with an even cuter menu spread. If you’re an egg-lover, then you’d feel right at home. Then again, the pancakes and waffles do look promising. Maybe next time. Maybe.



26 Evans Road, #01-06

Evans Lodge


Tel: +65 6735 0012

Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 8am – 10pm
Fri–Sat: 8am – 12am
(Closed on Mon)

2 responses to “Hatched

  1. Gushi December 3, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    OMIGAD! Hatched has an NUS discount?!?! Shit I should have checked that out when I went there the 2nd time ;( Thanks for the update though. The salmon was amazzzzzzzzzzinnnng! 🙂 Well cause it’s smoked salmon. Yum

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