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Striking the caloric balance. Barely.



I’ve never been a brunch person.

At least not intentionally because, I mean, can I be blamed if I sleep in and have breakfast at 10-11am? I still consider that breakfast, by the way. Feel free to contend with me on what you’d like to call a meal at that time. I thrive on confrontation.

Meals, to me, are the fundamental three: Breakfast, Lunch and then Dinner.

Anything else in between is subject to preferential labeling. Brunch, tea, lunchner, dinch (you know, since breakfast + lunch = brunch. Therefore lunch + dinner = lunchner/ dinch), dinper, supner. Whatever.

I don’t care what time I’m eating something at, because regardless of how school life has been granting me only lunchners and supners, the only and important fact to me remains: I’m eating.

‘Nuff said.

Yet this was a planned brunch. Afternoon classes make certain of that. And have I mentioned how there should be more weekday French brunch places to cater for the increasingly prominent crowd of late-rising tertiary zombies? Oh any kind of brunch place is fine. But I’ll be a regular at any French cafe. Give me a piping hot croissant anytime and you’ll seal the deal.


I had no idea that this cozy little nook was squirreled away right beside Coronation Plaza ( I bet all you polka dotties didn’t know either, because there was lemon chicken rice, Macs, Island and the occasional Nasi lemak at Adam Food Centre instead then).

Just look at that though, this is the kind of warm ambience and environment that brunch was made for. Faded slated flooring, large wicker baskets full of freshly baked pastries and buns and loaves, rustic furniture, oaken antique decor, and the late morning sun filtering lazily through floor to ceiling windows…

Pain au Chocolat - Chocolate Croissant ($2.90)

The prices of the items on the menu are a tad heavy on the wallet, and besides, I wanted croissants – crackly, flaky, buttery pastries, perfect any time of the day really, but definitely best as early as possible when you can still hear the rustle of the many layers through the steam rising from within (we weren’t early enough for that. Though wouldn’t that be absolutely blissful?).  I didn’t mind that they had to take a while to heat it up, because when my Pain au Chocolat (pahn-ou-shokolat, not ‘pain‘ as in ow!, for goodness sakes) descended onto the table, I wanted to kick myself for not having grabbed, like, the entire basketful. The melty chocolate core was divine. But oh, molten chocolate encased within glistening crisp, airy layers of butter, dough, butter, dough, butter, dough…

I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself.

Spinach and Cheese Quiche ($6)

This quiche, I could have gone without, unfortunately. They were out of the smoked salmon quiche, much to my dismay, and I wanted to soften the caloric blow by opting for spinach instead of bacon and cheese. Well, lesson learnt. If you’re eating quiche, why are you even skimping on calories?! Sheesh. My spinach quiche came looking as it did, unappetizing, oddly shaped and not crusty enough. It lacked severely on taste. I’ll have two of them chocolate croissants in place of this any other time. Or perhaps a handful those tempting danishes…

Eggs Florentine ($20)

My brunch partner took a shot at the Eggs Florentine set which came with a choice of fruit juice and a cup of hot drink. I’d have picked the Eggs Benedict or perhaps the Eggs Royal set, but all of their prices were exorbitant, and there’s no euphemistic substitution that I’d like to use in place of that description or that I think wouldn’t result in an understatement. Perhaps there could be a choice of having the dish itself without the accompanying drinks. Until then, I have my reservations regarding forking out so much for eggs.

The Eggs Florentine however, was truly excellent. The combination of flawlessly oozy poached eggs on slices of  toast (which could have been toasted crisper for better contrast), nestled on a bed of moist, lusciously green spinach and the deluge of satiny hollandaise sauce was a full win. It was so delicious, I’d have offered to lick the plate clean except that my fellow brunch-er already did that.

Was it worth the pinch in the wallet? It’s entirely subjective, but please do savor every single creamy drop of hollandaise, lap every trace of it up.

Earl Grey Tea ($5)

They have eclairs, millefeuilles, macarons and other pastries sitting expectantly in their cold display, but I wasn’t too interested in the brittle looking macarons or anything else as much as the attentive and friendly waiter tried to recommend. The eclairs were gigantic though, and that in itself would be enough reason to order one up the next time round.


In the meantime, the baked goods in their homey baskets still have my fullest attention. Do note though to ask for your pastries or bread heated up well if you’re dining in, and not just heated up. During my second visit, the wait staff didn’t bother till I requested and even then, it was only warm.





to the right of Coronation Plaza

607 Bukit Timah Road


Tel: 6466 0613

Opening Hours

Tuesday-Friday: 9am-10pm

Saturday: 8am-10pm

Sunday: 8am-6pm

Weekday brunch: 9am-5pm

Weekend brunch: 8am-5pm

3 responses to “Choupinette

  1. nattietan September 12, 2010 at 9:22 am

    Stats?! ECH! (Sorry only replying to your comment from your previous post now. Lol). Yep. Heard of Choupinette and their exorbitant prices. Have also heard of their apparently excellent quiche lorraine and eggs benedict. Still, by the looks of your culinary skills, I bet you can replicate both and make them taste even better. Don’t let school swallow you up y’hear?! Hehe. Enjoy it but make sure you have some Christine time to unwind too! xoxo

  2. Christine Leow September 12, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Yes, stats. My thoughts exactly. Haha. Quiche lorraine huh, I’m not very inclined to try any of their quiches anytime soon though. And I’m not so sure about replicating eggs benedict. Lol. But yes, I’ll definitely leave plenty of Christine time for myself. XD

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