Crunchy Bottoms

Striking the caloric balance. Barely.

Obsessed with holes

Gorgeous crumb.

I know what you were thinking. Don’t deny it!

So I’m surprising myself here, with a double post today. I made my weekly bread and was ecstatic when I sliced it open. Wouldn’t that be perfect with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar? Or perhaps lightly toasted along side a steaming bowl of minestrone?

I struggled and cursed the hydration of the dough though (Dough though dough though..). It was difficult to knead and it took longer than usual. Talk about a work out. Well I’ll attribute this to the fact that I mixed different brands of bread flour because the brand I always use ran out. Flour isn’t just flour, as I’ve come to realise. Even though they might both be bread flour, their absorption of liquid may very well differ greatly. In this case, absorption was bad. The hydration of this one ended up higher than usual and I caved in to my principle of never adding in more flour.

All in all, while I had to deal with the frustration of folding, shaping and scoring a rather limp and wet dough, it came out with sexy holes. Higher hydration percentage does this I’m aware, but I wasn’t expecting it today. A nice surprise really. Having overcome my hesitation to steam up the oven initially, I ended up with a thick, rustic, crunchy crust. And as long as it’s crunchy, it works for me.

Maybe that’s why there’s only half a loaf left…


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